I am a mother, a wife, a friend and someone who loves to find the beauty in old worn out items... I love to create, re-create and re-purpose...

The Love It Again process is simple—I take unloved clothing and fabrics and love them again. I take old clothing and make it new again by re-designing & re-conditioning the clothing so that you can “Love It Again”

I wouldn't say Love It Again defines who I am, I'm a lot more than what I do. Rather I hope that who I am is what defines Love It Again. It is simply a tool to remind people that they are lovely, even if they feel old and worn and maybe even sometimes forgotten... I love seeing people walk away with something that is as one of a kind as they are… something that they can wear as a reminder that they have their own unique creativity and beauty that makes them different than everyone else. And maybe it is that item that can give them a little more confidence to let their own originality shine.

- Stephanie Walker, Founder & Design Director

Meet Justine... she is one of the kindest and open-hearted people you will ever meet. 

I met this lovely lady years ago back in elementary school... however it was only when I started up Love It Again that I got to know her well. She was my favourite customer, not just because she would buy a crazy amount of dresses, but I always enjoyed her company!

This year she joined my team and has been my biggest supporter in keeping this business running. I don't know what I would do without her! Thank you Justine for all your hard work, I really couldn't do it without you!